BeTheSpark is a movement fostering innovation-driven entrepreneurship in Wales by ‘Enabling Welsh businesses to win and grow fast by linking you with the brightest minds in Wales’.

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To achieve our vision we are actively encouraging and engaging key stakeholders and influencers across Wales to collaborate to create a more Visible, Simple and Connected ecosystem for entrepreneurship to thrive. 


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BACKGROUND to bethespark

In 2015 Wales joined 7 other global regions to participate in a 2-year program delivered through MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s) Sloan Management School, known as the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme – or REAP.  

Through REAP, Wales had an opportunity to collaborate with MIT and other participating regions in developing a tailored strategy to put innovation-driven entrepreneurship at the heart of job and wealth creation.

The REAP model is based on true engagement and alignment between five core stakeholder groups; government, corporate, academia, risk capital, and the entrepreneurial community. This is a consistent foundation of all successful world economies. 


Meet the Advisory Board Behind the movement

Nine of Wales’ most prominent figures from business and academia have joined forces to spark this movement – offering inspirational leadership to combine innovation and entrepreneurship and transform Wales into a world-class destination for companies of all sizes.

Get involved

If you’re an entrepreneur, an expert in your field, or you want to bring an idea to life, this is your chance to connect with like-minded people, share your ideas and activities and seek support for your challenges.

Looking for business support now?

Whether you have a business idea that you want to bring to life, an early stage business or looking to grow and scale, BeTheSpark can offer you the support you need to help take your business to the next level. BeTheSpark is the hub and touchpoint of everything entrepreneurship throughout Wales.