A pledge can be anything to promote entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial thinking, something to connect likeminded individuals across any of the stakeholder groups or even a personal or organisational action that will drive change and motivate others.
Everybody in Wales can BeTheSpark no matter who you are, which stakeholder group you identify with most, whether you are a senior leader of a major organisation or have an idea for the ‘next big thing’. Every commitment made strengthens the movement and helps Wales take one more step forward.
If you feel you can do something to promote BeTheSpark and help others in the movement, do it. Examples of pledges may include;
Encouraging 10 others in your network to register for BeTheSpark
Connect with 3 new people in your stakeholder group
Connect with 3 new people outside of your stakeholder group
Follow and promote BeTheSpark on social media @BeTheSpark
Amplifying the principles of BeTheSpark within your organisation or network

Are you willing to make a pledge?

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