Supporting Entrepreneurial Women in Wales

On the 31st January 2019, Ken Skates, the Minister for Economy and Transport introduced an enhanced approach to support entrepreneurial women in Wales. The gender-focused approach has been developed through consultation and advice from a panel of experts (the Panel), stakeholders and women entrepreneurs.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Women in Wales - Ken Skates

During the launch event which took place at Capital Law in Cardiff, Ken Skates invited all business support organisations in Wales to join in and adopt the gender-focused approach and accompanying Good Practice Guide, making Wales a country that leads the way for women entrepreneurs to start, grow and develop their business.

Could your business help make their journey easier? Read on to find out how you can become involved and share with us the great work you are currently doing to champion gender equality in your business.



Along with the Welsh Government, several organisations have joined forces to develop and launch an approach to better support women entrepreneurs in Wales. The gender-focused approach: ‘Supporting Entrepreneurial Women in Wales: An Approach for Wales’, sets out what women entrepreneurs would ideally like  to see from business support organisations in Wales, allowing these organisations to tailor their services more to meet the specific needs of women entrepreneurs.  

The approach has been shaped by a panel of experts made up of individuals and organisations from across the public, private, third, and education sectors and is closely aligned to the independent Business Wales Strategic Board that has a Ministerial remit to oversee and provide strategic guidance for the Welsh Government’s business support service Business Wales. The panel is chaired by Helen Walbey: Managing Director, Recycle Scooters; National Policy Chair Home Affairs and FSB Wales. For a full list of the Panel Members please see Supporting Entrepreneurial Women in Wales. 

In formulating their advice and recommendations, the Panel has considered a wide body of literature and evidence, including discussions with women entrepreneurs, business support organisations and stakeholders from across Wales.


The gender-focused approach sets out what we the Panel aim to do in Wales and is supplemented by a Good Practice Guide that outlines what business support organisations can do to tailor services to better meet the needs of women entrepreneurs.

The Panel has made ten recommendations that build on the current strengths of business support services throughout Wales and aim to create a structure which the broader business support community can identify with and adopt.

The Welsh Government will take forward these recommendations to further develop their support for entrepreneurial women through the Business Wales service by producing a detailed action plan.

However, we cannot do it alone. Only by working together can we achieve these aims.


Helen Walbey, Chair of the Panel says:

“Using an African proverb that "If you want to go fast then go alone but if you want to go far then go together". We are calling on everyone in Wales to come together to help us go far, to help us reach our full potential and to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to start, sustain and grow a business in Wales, whatever their background and wherever they live.”


There are many ways in which organisations can become involved:

  • Click here to make a public commitment - showcase what you currently do and what you are going to do to improve support for women entrepreneurs.
  • Use the associated Good Practice Guide within your organisation.
  • Join the conversation online using #businesswomenwales.
  • Spread the word and encourage others to take part.



If you are an organisation that provides business support and wants to support women in Wales to reach their full potential- You can help fulfill this mission by making your commitment here.

Play your part and become one of the leading lights in Wales to champion gender equality in business.

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