Given the right tools, entrepreneurs have the potential to thrive in Wales and create more high-value businesses and skilled jobs.

Entrepreneurs in Wales are creating and developing vibrant new businesses day in day-out. The continued success of these individuals is critical to spreading prosperity. With a rich mix of business leaders, investors, academics, research and infrastructure, Wales has all the attributes to help entrepreneurship flourish.

BeTheSpark will bring all these things together and make sure they are being harnessed to encourage more Wales-based entrepreneurs to tap into this network of innovators, investors and academic talent to transform their big ideas into tomorrow’s iconic products and businesses.

If you’re an entrepreneur in Wales, BeTheSpark can provide you with the chance to meet and collaborate with like-minded people, be inspired by business leaders with a track record of success and connect with venture capitalists looking to invest in the next big thing.

This is your opportunity to make a breakthrough and play your part in creating a more prosperous Wales.