The corporate world has given rise to some of Wales’ most successful entrepreneurs and its role is more important than ever. Entrepreneurship does not just mean new businesses; it covers new and innovative ways of doing things even within an established corporate business. Right now innovation is happening right across the corporate network and there’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit shaping new products and services.

Wales is a melting pot of big business, SMEs, entrepreneurs and game-changing research. If you work at a Wales-based corporation, BeTheSpark can help you share experiences and ideas with a diverse range of business-minded people. By getting involved, you’ll find everything you need to help you identify and exploit emerging opportunities not only to help your business, but to support fledging businesses in Wales and play a significant role in growing more home-grown success stories.

BeTheSpark can help you identify and generate new ideas, transform those ideas into your next generation of products and services, tap into innovative new partnerships, grow connections and start to plan your next period of growth. This is your chance to fuel the future success of your organisation and share prosperity.