Find below a collection of useful information that will build over time as the movement grows.

HE-FE Event - Enterprise Development - Cardiff Metropolitan University - Entrepreneurship support

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The presentation will look at Jenny’s 24 month journey from 1st year student to Santander Universities Entrepreneur of the year. Additionally, the role of Cardiff Mets Entrepreneurship Centre in supporting Jenny and some of the key lessons learnt in supporting students from the creative industries is demonstrated.

HE-FE Event - Enterprise Development - Pembrokeshire College - Enterprise Activities

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Read about Pembrokeshire College and some of the enterprise activities taking place there as well as information regarding the local economy and priorities for the area.

HE-FE Event - Enterprise Development - Bridgend College - Test Town Bridgend

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TestTown was a Carnegie UK Trust initiative to encourage both youth entrepreneurship and the revitalization of town centres.The original competition invited aspiring young entrepreneurs to showcase innovative business ideas that could challenge perceptions of the traditional high street. Such was its success that 10 towns across the UK were chosen to run their own TestTown event - this is Bridgend's TestTown story.