"Judgement: Don't let it frighten you"

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Aimee, a successful speaker, business ambassador and recognised employment expert has worked for some of the largest recruitment companies, is a successful YouTuber, and runs a consultancy and careers website called careercake.com

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Here Aimee discusses the subject of accepting judgement...

Judgement is a huge part of society, it’s a reality, we only have to look at the media to see stories of people who have given it a really good go, and then they’ve fallen flat on their face and they’ve been ridiculed and judged.  But judgement is not just a reality, it is actually a necessity. As human beings we have to make decisions every day and judgement has a part in those decisions and it’s a good thing because it helps keep our heart, minds and body safe.

However, the biggest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think. Other people’s judgement of us can be a good thing, but if we don’t handle it the right way it can have a negative impact. We have to remember that one person’s opinion does not make that of the world.

In his hierarchy of needs Maslow states that we need to feel seen, heard and valued. We need to be judged for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter how much success we have, it’s a ratio game, the more people that are listening then the more people who are judging us. There will always be times when we worry about what people are going to think. But there are ways to break away from the fear. We can surround ourselves with people that make us feel incredible but the danger with doing is that we are still prioritising someone else’s opinion over our own and if we live by peoples compliments we will die by people’s criticism.

We need to learn to accept that judgement is coming, and accept it but remember it is our own opinion where the power lies.

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