Q&A with Mark Wardill, Owner of Wardill Motorcycle Company

We recently caught up with Mark Wardill, Owner and Director of Wardill Motorcylce Company for a short Q&A to explore where his company is now following his participation in our Pitch It event back in 2019. We also asked Mark what inspires him, what his biggest learning curve has been as an entrepreneur and his advice for others looking to start their own business.

Mark Wardill - WMC

Can you tell us a little bit about your company?

Our company, Wardill Motorcyle Company was first established back in 1927, We manufacture new vintage style motorcycles, hand made to order in the UK.


Are you able to give our readers who may already know of your business a recap and update on where you are now since taking part in our Pitch It event back in 2019?

Since taking part in the Pitch event in 2019, we have finished our prototype motorcycle and have since developed the production bike, part of this process has been to develop the technical drawings to enable the parts to be manufactured in large quantities. We have also developed a virtual reality experience which enables perspective customers the opportunity to test ride the bikes in a virtual situation for example at a trade event, we have also developed a virtual bike builder app that allows perspective customers the opportunity to build a virtual bike and then project the bike into their garage or onto their driveway.


Would you consider yourself to have a healthy daily routine? If so, what does this typically look like?  

Currently running Wardill Motorcyles this is not my only job. I’m working full-time also, so my day typically starts with logging on to my daytime job and finding time to fit in the motorcycle business around my working hours - usually during my lunch hour and after work. It’s not ideal but no one said being starting a business would be easy!


What inspires you daily to keep growing and building the business? 

It has been a though old year with lots of the events we had planned to advertise the bike at have ended up being cancelled, and many perspective purchasers not able to travel to for a test ride prior to purchase. Fortunately, the bike has had such a great welcome and is admired by most that do see it. I know I did the right thing launching this business, so that’s what’s keeping me going.


What are your top 3 practical tips for entrepreneurs to overcome challenges within their business?

If you can, start young but never let your age be a deciding factor in weather or not you should start a business.

Write lists and mark them off when you have done them, it seems simple, but it’s surprising how many people think they will remember to do everything, they don’t!

Don’t be afraid to learn and take as much advice as you can, go to seminars, meet people, talk to them.


What has been your biggest learning curve as an entrepreneur?

It won’t happen overnight; it will take hard work and you will get tired but keep at it and you will get there in the end!


Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Amazon didn’t start out huge, neither did Tesla. Open google earth on your computer type in your post code then scroll out keep scrolling and look at the number of houses there are, they are all perspective clients or customers.


If you wish to connect with Mark and find out more information you can do so via the links below: