Putting Together a Team That’s Dynamic and Supportive

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Putting Together a Team That’s Dynamic and Supportive

My name is Dylan Matthews and I was CEO at The Celtic Manor Resort from 2003 to 2014. During my time, the resort hosted The Ryder Cup and The NATO Summit which were both iconic events for the UK and Wales in particular.

Three years ago, I changed from working in the hospitality sector to begin work in the IT Start-Up industry supporting young entrepreneurs from Wales in particular but also globally synergising companies together to benefit the local teams here. Today, I help manage seven I.T. companies at The Innovation Centre, located at the base of the Celtic Manor estate in Newport. The change in work environment has taught me that good business practices are essential within multiple industries.

Employing the right people to work in your team I believe is the single most important ingredient to business success. Whether it is a large team like the 1200 employees at Celtic Manor Resort; 10,000 workers at a large corporate entity or the 3 to 10 people in the companies that I work with daily. Without the right team doing the job, business success simply doesn’t happen. 

A successful business team also needs positive work environments. These include having the right partners; stake holders; channels to market and business advocates.  This is why I strongly support the new and innovative Welsh business movement called Be the Spark. Yes, I said movement, because it is just that a movement. Its mission is simple, to support Welsh business and make Wales a more prosperous country. It advocates that working in harmony, together as an extended team, we will lead Wales to business success.

Whilst I am proud of all The Celtic Manor’s successes and its positive contribution to the Welsh economy, I am most proud of the words that my father, Sir Terry Matthews, spoke to me as I was leaving the management of his resort.  

 “You have assembled at The Celtic Manor Resort, the best management team I have ever worked with in my career - well done!”

Great encouragement from (even if I am biased) a great Welsh business man.

Buying local products, prioritising where possible use of a Welsh supply chain, supporting and encouraging Wales’ entrepreneurial talent is important.   Why wouldn’t we all work together if it makes Wales richer? Afford your time to people around you. If everyone gives a little the movement will go a long way. 

Through Be The Spark we are enabling all small entrepreneurs to be a part of a bigger external team, treat mentors and supporters of this movement as part of your team as they will all help drive a positive outcome for you, for them, for us, for Wales.  

So how do you get the core team dynamic right? How would you recruit and interview your first employee? Your second, your 100th? My advice on how to build the right business team for the job is to hire applicants based on attitude and work ethic. You are hiring the person but also buying into that person’s family, hobby’s, interests and cultural mind-set. Sell your business vision to the applicants and look for a positive reaction.   

Hire applicants that are 90% job ready so they have room to grow and evolve. Identify career development for them within the business otherwise they could get bored and not reach the anticipated level or potential. Communicate team goals and reward team successes along the way frequently. Identify expectations that challenge but don’t overwhelm and don’t forget the smaller the team, the more it could go wrong if you don’t hire well. Hire someone you like but also someone who fills the criteria and most importantly someone who has something extra to offer. 

I encourage all business professionals in Wales to support Be The Spark. We must take immediate action to benefit Wales now and in the future.   

Show your support and join Wales’ team by signing up today at https://bethespark.wales/