Anglesey based tech company developing new cutting-edge software

An Anglesey tech company is developing new cutting-edge software which will revolutionise the way we manage and share our personal information. 


Cufflink Team

Established in October 2018, Cufflink is proud of its local roots and has found the perfect home at the M-SParc Science Park. It has also just had confirmation of a successful funding bid from Innovate UK, the UK Government’s Innovation Agency.

Maintaining the security of people’s personal information is at the heart of Cufflink’s efforts as co-founder Billy Williams, from Amlwch, explains:


“We’re currently developing a new and innovative Application for iPhone and Android devices, which we believe will revolutionise how personal information is stored and shared securely.  Our app and integrated service will ensure that the user is in charge of when and, most importantly, who they share their personal information with.”


Your Personal Information is currently stored by many third parties, be they a website, Organisation or your phone itself. As a result, your information is stored and duplicated numerous times. This not only increases the costs for these third parties to store and secure this information, but also the likelihood of your information being hacked or accessed illegally.


Cufflink provides a safe and secure place to store and share your personal information online. This allows you to register for websites and services with only a reference to your data needing to be stored. Cufflink also lets you link and share your information with friends, family, and colleagues ensuring you stay in touch and kept up-to-date.


Billy adds: “We firmly believe that people should be able to manage and control their own personal information, without fear of what some companies or individuals might do with it, without their knowledge or permission.”


“To that end, Innovate UK’s support will also let us carry out more ground-breaking research into developing a new consumer-led global personal information market. Cufflink will be at its forefront. We’ll provide the consumers with the tools to manage their own personal information securely and, ultimately, ensure that they’re rewarded for sharing it - something that isn’t currently happening in today’s digital environment.”


Since establishing at M-SParc and receiving this funding, Cufflink has three employees and has recently also recruited two Summer Interns from Bangor University.  This is thanks to the link with M-SParc and the business support it offers to tenants.


Pryderi ap Rhisiart, Managing Director of M-SParc, said:

“The work being done by Cufflink is exactly the reason M-SParc was established.  This is cutting-edge work, being done in North Wales by a local team, and benefiting a global issue.  We’re proud of Cufflink and aim to continue supporting them, and all our tenants, as they continue to grow.”


Ynys Môn’s MP, Albert Owen MP added:

This is an excellent progressive 21st century company and I am pleased that they have been successful in getting support from the UK Government via Innovate UK to help develop its business on Anglesey. This venture pulls together local entrepreneurial talent, at a top location at M-SParc with its close relationship with Bangor University. It also can be a catalyst for creating a hub in this expanding market. A big congratulations to Billy and the Cufflink team"