This is Wales. This is innovation and entrepreneurship working together

Welsh Government is helping to transform Wales by bringing key stakeholders together to spark growth and prosperity.

The vision of Wales as a more prosperous nation, with better jobs and more vibrant communities, is one that will resonate with those in government – especially individuals tasked with stimulating economic growth. Achieving these goals remains a constant challenge.

If you work in government, BE THE SPARK can help you join and tap into a movement that is bringing together a rich network of people and organisations focussed on taking innovation-driven entrepreneurship to the next level.

This movement will connect the forward-thinking people and organisations of today to create the innovative businesses and products of tomorrow, helping to bring jobs, growth and prosperity to the communities you serve.

In Wales, the future is already here – it just needs to be harnessed. Today, innovators in your community are creating the kind of new businesses and services that can have a far-reaching positive impact. Through BE THE SPARK, you can help accelerate this process.